Hevillo Dehumidifier How to & Troubleshooting Guide

Dehumidifiers draw moisture, including mold and microbes from the air and store it in the form of droplets into a collection tank on the device, which is then removed. In addition to being able to eliminate germs and moths, a dehumidifier also lowers the level of humidity in the room.

While there are quite a number of manufacturers and brands in the market, some stand out more than others, and Hevillo dehumidifiers are undoubtedly one of the best.

A HEVILLO dehumidifier is one of the appliances whose job is to reduce and limit the humidity level in a room so that it is not too high. This tool is very useful for removing unpleasant odors and preventing the appearance of dew by taking water vapor around you. But, typical of many household appliances, issues can develop in the cause of using your Hevillo dehumidifier and make it difficult, or even impossible to use effectively.

While this can be rather frustrating, fortunately, some problems can be resolved simply by troubleshooting the unit. The following are some troubleshooting steps you should consider trying before contacting an HVAC technician or buying a new dehumidifier.

Why Did My Hevillo Dehumidifier Stop Working?

There could be a number of reasons why your dehumidifier has stopped working. Before you start troubleshooting the appliance, check first to make sure it is plugged all the way into the outlet. If that does not resolve the issue, try plugging something else into the same outlet to see if the problem lies with the power.

If all the above are okay, then the problem lies with the appliance itself. The issue may be due to several causes:

The tank is full

The appliance has a shut-off switch that turns off the dehumidifier off if the water in the collection tank fills up. If your unit has a drain line that runs to a floor drain, a full tank could indicate that the line has become kinked or is clogged. To fix this, manually remove the collection tank, empty it, and then remove the drain line and ensure it is not blocked. If it is and you cannot easily remove the clog, replace the drain line.

The humidity is set too high

Most dehumidifiers allow the user to set the humidity level in the room typically 30 to 40 percent. When the humidity rises above that level, the appliance turns on and removes moisture from the air.

If you or someone else inadvertently turned up the humidity level on the dehumidifier, it might not be coming on because the humidity level in the room is not high enough. Check to see that the desired humidity level is set no higher than 40%, and turn it down if it is.

Faulty or broken humidistat

The humidistat is the actual component in your humidifier that turns on the appliance when moisture in the air reaches the preset level. It is a small module that is often located just below the dehumidifier’s cover, but it may be positioned somewhere else depending on your model.

If the humidistat no longer works, it cannot turn on the dehumidifier. To troubleshoot, you can use a multimeter to test the humidistat for continuity. If the component has gone bad, you will need to replace it.

Refrigerant fluid is too low

The evaporator coils on a dehumidifier remain cold because they are filled with pressurized refrigerant fluid, and a compressor pumps the fluid continuously through the coils. If tiny cracks form over time in the coil system, this causes the fluid to leak out slowly.

Without sufficient refrigerant fluid, the evaporator coils will not become cold enough to draw moisture from the air. Unfortunately, this is not an easy fix and you may have to call an HVAC technician to recharge the coils with more refrigerant fluid and seal the cracks.

The fan stopped working

The fan in the appliance does not blow air out but instead, it draws air into the dehumidifier so the moisture in the air comes into contact with the cold coils. If the fan is not pulling in the air, the dehumidifying process cannot work effectively. The issue could be a dirty or a broken fan blade.

To troubleshoot this problem:

  • Unplug the dehumidifier and then remove the cover.
  • Then turn the fan blade by hand to see if either debris or a broken blade is preventing the fan from turning.
  • If a broken motor is the problem, replacing it is more complex and may have to be done by a professional. It might even be easier getting a new dehumidifier, considering the costs.

Something is blocking air flow

If the fan is not the issue, something could be blocking airflow into the appliance. This could be as simple as dust, lint, or pet fur buildup on the grill covering the fan. A dehumidifier placed against a wall or next to an upholstered chair might be unable to draw sufficient air. Position the appliance at least a foot away from furniture, walls, curtains, and other items.

Bad electrical parts or connections

The appliance contains electrical components that can go bad. The internal wiring can also short or come loose from connection terminals. Newer models have an electronic control board that can burn out and stop working.

Why is My Hevillo Dehumidifier Blinking?

The appliance blinks to indicate various statuses:

  • Timing status indicator blinks when setting and viewing.
  • Dehumidification mode indicator light blinks when the ambient humidity reaches the set humidity and stops.
  • Display flashes when the ambient humidity reaches the set humidity and stops.
  • Water full indicator light flashes when the water is full.
  • When the equipment alarms, display will flash the alarm code (Alarm code and humidity rotation display)

Hevillo Dehumidifier Continuous Drain Not Working

If water is not draining through the hose, please check the following:

  • Ensure you have a good connection where the draining hose attaches. If the connection is loose, gently tighten the connection.
  • If the hose is pushed into a drain (like a standpipe), make sure it is not pushed in too far. If the hose is touching water, it will not drain. Pull out the hose until the hose outlet is above the water line.
  • Cut off any excess hose so that it is moving in a straight line to the drain.
  • Avoid using an old or damaged garden hose.
  • Clean the dehumidifier drain and hose:
    • If there is water in the collection bucket, empty the bucket.
    • Unplug the unit.
    • Clean the dehumidifier drain with a baby bottle brush or pipe cleaner.
    • Clean the drain hose with the same.
    • Make sure the drain hose is routed downward. If the drain line is mounted at a steep angle downward less material will accumulate in the hose and drain.

All Hevillo Dehumidifier Error Codes, Their meaning and Fixes

Humidity always shows “25%RH” (there is a big difference from the actual humidity)

This fault means there is a humidity sensor failure.

To fix this, follow these troubleshooting instructions:

  • Set the humidity to 30%RH, the dehumidification can still continue to work and can be used normally.
  • Repair and replace the humidity sensor.

Humidity always shows 99%RH (there is a big difference from the actual humidity)

This fault means:

  • There is water on the surface of humidity sensor
  • Humidity sensor failure

To fix this error, follow these instructions:

  • The dehumidifier is not affected and can continue to work, and can be used normally.
  • Please let the dehumidifier keep working for a period of time, after the water on the surface of the humidity sensor is removed, it will return to normal.
  • Repair and replace the humidity sensor.
  • Water full indicator light flashing

The indicator will flash when the water is full.

  • Empty the collecting tank.
  • Make sure to place the water tank in the right position.

How Do I Get My Hevillo Dehumidifier to Run Continuously?

You can get the dehumidifier to run continuously by selecting the continuous dehumidification mode.

To continuously set the humidity value, long-press the Humidity button and there should be no button operation seconds after automatic withdrawal. When the humidity value is set to 30RH%, the continuous dehumidification operation is carried out.

What Do the Buttons on my Hevillo Dehumidifier Mean

Mode button

This button is for changing the mode setting. The device has three operating modes: dehumidification mode, drying mode, and continuous dehumidification mode.

With the dehumidifier powered on and you press the mode button, the device will cycle through the dehumidification and dry clothes continuous dehumidification modes. Each time you press the mode button, the working mode switches accordingly.

Humidity button

This button allows you to set the setting humidity value. In the boot state, with each click, set the humidity value increments 5RH%, set range 30- 80RH%. It can be set circularly.

To continuously set the humidity value, long-press the Humidity button and there should be no button operation seconds after automatic withdrawal. When the humidity value is set to 30RH%, the continuous dehumidification operation is carried out.

Timer button

The timer button is for setting the timing time. Each click, the timing time increments 1H, set range: 1-24h, can be set circularly. For continuous timing, long-press the timer button for a few seconds. If the timing time is ‘00’, the timing is invalid. When the timing is effective, the timing ‘0’ will light up; according to the timer button. The display can the remaining time, and automatically display the current humidity after a few seconds.

SPEED button

There are two types of wind speed: high wind speed and low wind speed. Press the wind speed button in the power on state to switch one wind speed windshield, recyclable. Humidity and wind speed cannot be set in dry clothes mode, and the wind speed is automatically selected as high wind.


The child lock button is for locking the device’s control panel. To lock or unlock the control panel, press  and hold the CHILD LOCK button for 3-5 seconds. The indicator will illuminate when the CHILD LOCK function has been activated, and other buttons will be disabled.

How to Reset a Hevillo Dehumidifier

Resetting your dehumidifier helps restore electronics to working order in the event of a minor fault. It is often the recommended first step when troubleshooting the appliance.

To reset your Hevillo dehumidifier, empty the collection tank used to gather moisture removed from the air down the sink and return it to the appliance. Disconnect the power cord from its electrical outlet and wait 5 minutes before plugging the dehumidifier back in. The unit should reset, clearing any settings programmed into the controls. Set the controls and start the dehumidifier as normal.

What is Manual Mode on my Hevillo Dehumidifier?

Hevillo dehumidifiers feature two drainage modes: Manual drainage and Automatic/Continuous drainage. On manual mode, you set the ideal humidity, and then continue to run for 24 hours until the water tank is full. It will automatically shut down. There is a water tank full indicator that tells you when you need to empty the water tank.

As for automatic drainage, one uses the drainage hose that came with the unit to connect to the drainage system to drain water by gravity.

How to Empty the Collection Tank on My Hevillo Dehumidifier

When the water tank is full, the “water is full” light will flash, and then automatically stop. At this time, you must empty the water tank and then place the water tank correctly.

To empty the water tank, follow these steps below:

  1. Put your hand into the groove at the bottom of the water tank, gently pull out the water tank, and pay attention to supporting the water tank.
  2. You should be able to see the water tank outlet on the top right side of the water tank.
  3. Invert the tank and empty the water.
  4. After emptying the tank, put the tank back in place. When the water tank is put in, be sure to tightly press the water tank with both hands.

How Often Should I Empty the Collection Tank on my Hevillo Dehumidifier?

As a general rule of thumb, you may need to empty your dehumidifiers collection tank at intervals ranging from once every two days to twice a day, depending on the conditions.

How to Clean Your Hevillo Dehumidifier

Before cleaning your dehumidifier, be sure to turn the unit off and remove the plug from the wall outlet. To clean the dehumidifier’s body, wipe the body with a soft, damp cloth.

To clean the filter, follow these steps below:

  1. Pull up remove the air filter.
  2. Run a vacuum cleaner lightly over the surface of the air filter to remove dirt. If the air filter is exceptionally dirty, wash it with warm water and a mild cleanser and dry thoroughly.
  3. Insert he filter back into the unit smoothly.

Also, you need to regularly clean the bucket to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. To clean, remove the bucket and partially fill with clean water and a small amount of mild detergent. Swish it around the bucket, empty it, and rinse with water.

Keeping this in view, you may also want to disinfect your dehumidifier. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the dehumidifier.
  2. Pour equal parts water and distilled white vinegar into the tank.
  3. Fill a bowl with vinegar if you have other, smaller pieces to disinfect.
  4. Let the vinegar work on the pieces for at least 30 minutes and up to six or eight hours.
  5. Pour the vinegar out of the tank, heating element area and bowl.

How to Clean the Filter on Your Hevillo Dehumidifier

To clean the filter on your Hevillo dehumidifier, follow these instructions:

  1. Turn off the dehumidifier and remove the plug from the wall outlet before cleaning.
  2. Pull up remove the air filter.
  3. Run a vacuum cleaner lightly over the surface of the air filter to remove dirt. If the air filter is exceptionally dirty, wash it with warm water and a mild cleanser and dry thoroughly.
  4. Insert he filter back into the unit smoothly.

Why is the Compressor in My Hevillo Dehumidifier Not Working?

The dehumidifier’s compressor is the “heart” of the unit, and it circulates the refrigerant fluid through the coils. If the compressor is struggling to operate, or if heavy frost develops on the coils, they can become overheated.

Your dehumidifier likely has an overload switch that will shut an overheated compressor down to keep it from getting damaged. If the appliance does not make a sound when you turn it on, the overload switch might have tripped. If the compressor overheated due to frost buildup, you can try resetting the overload switch according to your manual once the frost has melted.

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Hevillo Dehumidifier is Not Starting

Several issues may prevent your dehumidifier from starting. To troubleshoot, check and consider the following:

  • Make sure the dehumidifier’s plug is completely inserted into the outlet.
  • The dehumidifier bucket is full. Make sure you empty the water tank if full.
  • The bucket is not in the proper position. Make sure the water tank if correctly put in place.
  • Check if the room temperature is above 95oF (35oC) or below 41oF (5oC). The machine will protect automatically if the room temperature overheats or is over cold, it is normal phenomenon.
  • Check if the room temperature is in range of 41oF (5oC) or 68oF (20oC). If so, the machine will auto defrost, it is normal operation.
  • Make sure if the ambient humidity is less than the set humidity. The set humidity value should be less than 3% RH above than the ambient temperature or set the humidity to 30% RH.
  • The dehumidifier has anti-frequent start protection function. If your unit just stops, please wait patiently for more than 3 minutes.

Hevillo Dehumidifier Makes a Loud Noise

If your Hevillo dehumidifier makes a loud noise when operating, this may be due to several causes:

  • The air inlet is clogged. You need to clean the inlet and outlet dust.
  • The dehumidifier is tilted instead of upright as it should be.
  • The filter is not installed correctly. To fix this, reinstall the filter according to the manual.