Why is My AcuRite Weather Station Losing Signal?

Why is My AcuRit Weather Station Losing Signal

The AcuRite weather station is useful for predicting the weather. Being able to plan your days due to weather pattern prediction is a great way to ensure all your plans materialize, especially if you need to perform lots of outdoor activities. As such, a malfunctioning weather station is bound to be a bummer.

Common reasons why your AcuRite Weather Station Losing Signal

The most common reasons for signal loss include dying batteries, signal interference, adverse weather conditions, and obstructions, all of which can render the signal nonexistent.

Worn Out Batteries

Worn-out batteries will prevent the weather station from having a consistent signal. The outdoor AcuRite sensor takes 2 x AA alkaline or lithium batteries, which are expected to last up to 24 months. However, in cold temperatures during the winter, replacing the batteries with lithium batteries prevents any malfunction.


  • Locate the Battery Compartment.
  • Remove the battery lid with a screwdriver.
  • Check if the batteries are leaking.
  • Then replace the old batteries.

Note: Ensure you use the correct type of batteries for your weather station.

Extreme Weather Conditions

The weather can also interfere with your weather station’s signal. Lightning, for instance, tends to affect the signal. Additionally, the following weather conditions can also interfere with the signal;

extreme weather conditions
  • Heavy Rain can disrupt or weaken the wireless signals
  • Snow and Ice can pile up on the sensor, leading to signal loss
  • Strong Winds could make the sensor vibrate, causing signal loss


Protect your weather station from harsh environments and extreme weather conditions by installing a weather-resistant cover or moving it to a safer location.


Buildings, trees, metal objects, and other objects can cause your weather station to lose its signal.

Check if the weather station’s sensor is obstructed and move it to an obstruction-free location. Additionally, ensure your sensor is not covered with anything.

Distance Between Units

If the distance between the sensor and the display unit is too big, your weather station may lose its signal, leading to inaccurate readings.

Move your sensor closer to the display unit. The maximum range for the wireless signal is 100 feet.

Signal Interference

Other devices, such as a Wi-Fi router or gadgets with a Bluetooth connection, can interfere with your weather station’s signal.

Place the weather station sensor and display unit in a location that does not have other gadgets. Alternatively, you can switch the frequency on your sensor to see if the signal strength will improve.
Avoid other devices interfering with the unit, such as electronic or Wi-Fi routers or weather stations.

Note: If the solutions above do not work, you may have to reset your weather station and resync the sensor and the display unit.

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How to Reset your AcuRite weather station

If the solutions above do not work, do a factory reset and resync the sensor and the display unit.

To do a factory reset

  • Disconnect both the display from the Power Source.
  • Remove the batteries from the outdoor sensor.
  • Press any button on the AcuRite sensor 25 times.
  • Plug the display unit into the Power Source.
  • Reinsert the AcuRite outdoor sensor batteries.
  • Check the weather measurements.

To reset the display unit

  • From the display unit, access Settings.
  • From there, initiate a Factory Reset.
  • You will need to confirm the Factory Reset.
  • Factory resetting the device could take a couple of minutes.
  • Set up the connection between the sensor and display unit.

Note: The factory reset will erase all data and personal settings.