Where Can I Park My Tiny Home in Arizona?

Where Can I Park My Tiny Home in Arizona

Tiny houses are legal in the United States of America and offer owners the chance to live with less and find fulfilment in things outside of material wealth. They are an excellent choice for people looking to downsize and travel.

You can tow your home to a new place and park it long-term without damaging the local environment with construction. In addition, tiny homes help keep the environment healthier by ensuring fewer trees are cut to build new houses. 

Motor homes are an excellent choice if you live in Arizona, and there are many places where you can park your tiny home. If you are moving to Arizona or plan to visit or live there, below is a guide to parking your tiny home on wheels. 

Arizona tiny home parking laws

Arizona is tiny home-friendly, and you can park your tiny home in many places in the state. However, tiny homes on wheels are different from permanent structures, which you must build as per local zoning laws. If you build a tiny home with a foundation meaning it cannot be towed away, it will need to pass a safety inspection just like a regular-sized house.  

Legally a tiny home must be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. In addition, you must submit various documentation to show that your tiny home is good for human habitation. You can register your tiny home by visiting the DMV website.

Your tiny home on wheels should meet the American National Standards Institute requirement. The requirements include the safety standards such as your vehicle’s ability to tow your tiny home. In addition, your tiny home must have a working toilet, kitchen, and good connections to water and power. 

Safety and design requirements may vary in different counties and cities in Arizona, so you may need to check if you will be traveling through Arizona to ensure your tiny home is compliant. 

Where to park your Tiny Home in Arizona

Here are some places where you can park your tiny home in Arizona. 

State Parks

You can park your tiny home in any of the state parks in Arizona. There is a lot of space to park your tiny home for a long time and set it up. A tiny home allows you to set up your living space, drive your car to different parts of the park, or take your children to nearby schools. There are several tiny home communities where you can park your house for a long time at an affordable fee.  

Tiny home communities 

There are tiny home communities where you can park and set up your homes. These parks have many amenities, including swimming pools and gyms. They also offer utilities like Wi-Fi, electricity, hookups to a sewer system, and water for indoor plumbing. In addition, living in a park ensures that you have neighbors that share your ideals and avoid dealing with a mortgage. 

Rural areas

Unlike towns and cities, rural areas have fewer restrictions on parking your tiny home, and you can park it in your friend’s backyard or on public land while traveling. This option is best if you have your own land so that you can get water in your home and connection to a sewer system. 

Best places to park your tiny home in Arizona 

There are several places you can park across Arizona; here are the best choices. 

Woody Mountain Campground

Woody Mountain Campground is an excellent place to park a tiny home for people interested in visiting the Grand Canyon and other attractions. It allows you to set up your tiny home and use your vehicle to explore local attractions. In addition, you can meet other tiny homeowners, learn more about the best places to live, and make new friends. 

Rancho Sedona RV park

Rancho Sedona is in the Oak Creek Village, and you can enjoy hiking, swimming, and fishing throughout the year. It is a great place to live, and you can reserve a spot to set up your tiny home for reasonable fees. 

Quail Run

If you enjoy camping, this is an excellent place to live. You can create a home if you are single, make new friends and enjoy many camping activities. 

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Covered Wagon RV Park 

If you are looking for long-term parking, this is an excellent choice. You can get a spot and set up your home and immediate areas to your preference. 

There are options available if you are looking for a place to park your tiny home but do not want to pay.

  • You can park a motorhome on a friend’s property. If you are visiting someone in Arizona, you can park your motorhome on their property if they have the space. In Arizona, due to the strict zoning laws, you cannot park your tiny home on your property if you live in town. You can, however, do that in rural areas. 
  • If you live and own property in Arizona, you can park your tiny home on your land. A small piece of land can be challenging to develop, but with a tiny home, you can create a perfect home. In addition, if you enjoy traveling, you can tow your tiny home and take your creature comforts with you. 
  • In addition, you can park your tiny home on land administered by the Bureau of Land Management or the United States Forest Service. It is a great choice for empty nesters and single people, as you can live in a new place for several months or even a year without leaving the comforts of home. 

What Tools and apps can help you find RV parking in Arizona? 

If you are new to the tiny home lifestyle, you may need help finding the best communities in Arizona. Below are tools and platforms to find excellent parking in Arizona.


Compendium is an excellent app for people who own tiny homes on wheels and enjoy traveling. The app provides users with information about the different parking areas and directions. In addition, it helps users find water fill-up sites and dumpsites and gives reviews on the various home communities. The app is free to use, and you can write reviews of the places you visit. 


Allstays is an app that you can download to your phone, but you need to pay a one-time fee to use the app. It helps you find free camping and parking for your tiny home. The app provides directions to gas stations, dumpsites, and waterfalls too. 


This app is free to use and provides a list of all free campsites that you can use. It also includes a list of low-cost campsites. You can search campsites easily as they are color-coded so that you can recognize them on the map. You can find large, private spaces to set up your tiny home and live in nature for a long time. FreeCampsites allow users to write reviews on the campsites that they use.

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A tiny home on wheels helps you enjoy the comforts of home while allowing you to travel around the country. Tiny homes are also green, and ensure that you do your part in protecting the environment. If you plan a trip to Arizona or live in Arizona, use the above tips to help you find parking for your tiny home.