Berkey Water Filter Troubleshooting & How to Guide

Berkey Water Filter Troubleshooting & How to Guide

Berkey water filters are likely to fail when there is high water tension. Here s a need to purge and clean the air out to allow water flow through them. But these are not the only issues that the filter faces. Below are different troubleshooting issues that you need to consider.

Why is my Berkey not Working

This slow working or failure may be caused by high water tension. This tension prevents air from being purged from the micro-pores of the new purification elements.

  • The solution is to prime the Berkey to let out air and allow the water to flow conveniently through them.
  • Follow the instructions that come with the tan priming button. You need to remove the elements from the unit, prime them, and reinstall.
  • This should restore the filter. In case the problem persists, then chances are that the lifespan of the filter is already spent and it needs to be replaced.

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Why is my Berkey Filter Not Priming

This problem is related to the reason your filter is not working. You are probably experiencing the problem due to high water tension, that hinders the air from being purged from the micro pores of the new purification elements. To prime the filter:

  • Place the stem of the Black Berkey filter between the fingers
  • Use the wing nut for grip press the priming button against the faucet.
  • Then allow the exterior wall of the Black Berkey element to sweat beads of water for about 10 seconds.
  • Make sure to prioritize priming at least every six months.
  • In addition to this, consider replacing the PF-2 filters after an approximate 1000 gallons

How to set up my Berkey water filter

  • Start by putting on the silicon ring on which the Berkely canister will sit. This is important as it helps the canister not to slide.
  • Place the handle on the lid. You need to place the screw in the washer and place it underneath part of the lid into the hole before screwing the lid in place.
  • Install the spigot which is either plastic or stainless steel depending on the bundle you purchased. The installation procedure is the same as you need to remove the plastic from the metal washer pieces. You then place the metal ring on the spigot tube with the round part being closest to the spigot. Then place silicon gaskets on the spigot tube to create a nice seal on the Berkey as this will prevent leakages. Finish by placing the spigot tube into the hole in the bottom canister and on the inside, place a gasket into the spigot tube and a metal ring right after. Ensure the wider part touches the silicon
  • Install the back carbon filters ensuring to prime the filters before installation.
  • Complete this process by adding stopper or more filters a you prefer. Most of the steps are articulated in the manual which you need to follow.

How Do I Know if My Berkey Filters are Primed

Consider doing the red food coloring test which is often done right after priming your Berkey. If it passes the test then it is properly primed and if it fails then you need to prime it again.

How to Maintain a Berkey Water Filter

Cleaning should be your first step.

  • Start by emptying and disassembling the Berkey Purification elements from the Berkey unit. Make use of a cleaning pad resembling the Scotch Brite Pad. Alternatively, use a stiff toothbrush.
  • Gently scrub the outside of the elements under cool running water.
  • Complete the process by re-priming the filters. Make it a habit to prime after every six months. However, the stainless steel chambers should be cleaned at least every month to avoid the accumulation of sediments.

Why Berkey Banned in California

The hindrance has been too much red tape, increased taxation, and the required certifications. While this may have been easy to resolve by getting a third party involved, the company does not share its secrets hence remains banned in Carlifornia.

How Do You Know When to Replace Your Berkey Filters

The manufacturer’s recommendations for filter replacement are that it should happen after 1,000 gallons. This can also be interpreted as after a period of six-month intervals. In case you are unable to filter 1000 gallons, then ensure that the filter replacement happens after 6 months regardless, whichever of the two happens first. However, there is an exception in the case of water that is heavily contaminated with fluoride, MTBE, lead or arsenic. The filters should be replaced after four-month intervals.

Will Berkey Filter Urine

No it cannot. The amount of dissolved salts, molecules, and ions such as like urea that are found in urine are too small for the backpacking filters and purifiers to eliminate.

What Does Berkey Filter Not Remove?

Generally, the technology used in the Berkey purification elements is not designed to handle the removal of ionic minerals from the water. They are only designed to eliminate sedimentary minerals from liquids.

Can Berkey Filters Get Mold

Yes they can. However, this is not a good thing to find in your filter. In case you do:

  • Remove the Berkey purification elements and scrub them using an abrasive pad or toothbrush. You need to re-prime the elements to flush out the old water
  • To remove existing mold, remove the elements and scrub them clean. Wash both the upper and lower chambers of the unit with warm water and plain bleach with no artificial additives.
  • The good news is that you can remove the mold. However, it is best to prevent it in the first place. Note that mold is caused mainly by two factors. The first one is that the water may have sat for so long in the system.  Yu need to empty this water and never let it to sit out too long.

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Berkey water filter leaking from Bottom

When this happens, it is possible that the unit is too full.

Fix it by adding as much water into the top as there is space in the bottom!

Drain some of the water out of the bottom into a clean container.